Treasure island (for TI-59 C)

(Versão em inglês de 'Ilha do tesouro')


Parachute onto an island and quickly find the treasure.
You have map and compass but don't know where you've landed - the strategy consists of trying to locate yourself in the map as you walk.
Step twice into the sea, you'll be swept by the waves and leave the island without the treasure.

        HOW TO PLAY

The first step is to randomly choose the island.
Then you obtain its map. As expected it contains its landmarks (Mountains, Lakes, Rocks, Caves and Water) and the exact location of the treasure, marked X.
The next step is a decisive one: jump onto the island!

You'll very likely find yourself surrounded by woods! You must then walk North, South, East or West till you find something that, through reading the map, enables you to trace your location within the island.
If you reach the sea, step back at once for if you don't, the waves won't give you a second chance and there goes the treasure...
The more accurate is your positioning in the island, the quicker you get to the treasure.


You may play again in the same island or you may select another one. For more than one player, it is fair to do it in the same island; naturally, the winner is he/she who gets the treasure using the fewest steps.

The map can be viewed at any moment, however it is better to save it as a screen image or by actually printing it to paper.


This application is a free development of the "TI-59 Treasure Island Game", specially formulated for the Gemtree TI-59C emulator, taking advantage of some new facilities of this fantastic emulator and with some slight changes to it.
The original software for the TI-59 first appeared in a publication run by Dejan Ristanovic and the current version was developed from elements made available by Viktor Toth.
In this version, however, there are no sharks and no one dies while sailing in the ocean! You just don't get the treasure if you insist in going to the sea.


Effective random selection of the island is a new feature as are some details of the HIR command and a few small changes in form and command.
The memories are loaded by the software, thus avoiding the need for an additional loading.
The package includes the following files:
   - 'read-me.txt' - the informative text like this you're reading now;
   - 'Island.t59' - software designed for the Gemtree TI-59C emulator;
   - 'IslandCZ.txt' - a description the emulator places alongside the calculator;
   - 'Island.bmp' - drawing associated to the description.
For easy access, the software package should be saved in a folder together with other TI-59C software.
Due to its size, this application cannot be used with the TI-59 calculator proper.
Playing the game requires the Ml module (Master library) and that the printer be switched on during every move in order to obtain the feedback provided through it by the calculator.
Translation from portuguese by Nuno Abrunhosa Mendes.

        Divirta-se e boa sorte no jogo!


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